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Welcome to The Canadian Forum on Theology and Education 2014

Francis, a Vatican II pope, on “Becoming a Church of Encounter.”

The Pope is asking people to embrace a “culture of encounter” where they experience God and meet with others, including non-believers. This attitude of encounter and communion starts at home, with your family, in school and parish.

Encountering and welcoming everyone, solidarity: this is a word that in this culture is being hidden away, as if it was a swear word. Solidarity and fraternity: these are what make our society truly human.

Dear brothers and sisters, we are called by God, called to proclaim the Gospel and called to promote with courage the culture of encounter

A change of attitude …toward attitudes based on a culture of encounter, the only culture capable of building a better, more just, and fraternal world
....Let us join forces to promote a culture of encounter, respect, understanding and mutual forgiveness,”
Pope Francis

Even though he was not at the Second Vatican Council (1962-65), Pope Francis is a pope of the council. Not only is he completely committed to the changes that came out of the council, he is also committed to completing the unfinished work of the council.” ~ Thomas Reese SJ, Senior Analyst National Catholic Reporter

“Pope Francis had some strong words to say today about those who resist, twist, or ignore the impetus of the Second Vatican Council, which he described as “a beautiful work of the Holy Spirit”.
~ Dr.Jeff Mirus, Catholic Culture

“Like Pope John XXIII, who brought us the council, Francis believes the Spirit is alive in the world. Like John, he believes the Spirit is not the sole possession of the Catholic episcopacy. In this belief, Francis affirms the theology of the council
Thomas C. Fox, Publisher National Catholic Reporter

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