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Welcome to The Canadian Forum on Theology and Education November 2014

Preparations for the Synod on the Family (October 5 – 19 2014) have raised many questions for Catholics around the world. Will there be changes in the Church's teaching on marriage and divorce? Will the Church's position on human sexuality be "updated"? Will Catholics be allowed to use artificial contraception with a clear conscience? As pressing as these questions seem, a bigger question hovers in the background: Can Church teaching on these--or any other matter--ever "change"? 

This bigger question requires that we examine how we understand the Catholic Church's past. Professor Kenneth Parker will lead the Canadian Forum in an examination of how our understanding of Christian history can shape the future of our Church. Dr. Parker will demonstrate how certain assumptions about the Christian past have formed theological arguments throughout the history of the Church. These assumptions have, at times, impeded our ability to address pressing pastoral and doctrinal challenges. In exploring how other ways of analyzing the Church's past may aid us in responding to pressing questions in our day Dr. Parker will offer his insights on the Synod.  

In looking at how the Church has addressed issues historically participants will be better able to understand how she might approach such contemporary issues as the scientific origins of the universe, evolution, the role of women in the church, salvation outside of the church and other issues of significance for teachers and students alike.

These are but a few of the issues that not only concern students in religious education classes, the RCIA and adult faith programmes but also many North American and European adolescents and adult Catholics.

The Canadian Forum on Education and Theology