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Welcome to The Canadian Forum on Theology and Education April 2016

In Sister Joan Chittister OSB and Fr. Diarmuid O’Murchu MSC we continue the practice, begun in 1979, of inviting creative, challenging, prophetic, faithful Catholic thinkers and authors to present to participants at Forum.

Where else over the last 37 years have participants at any single conference in Canada had the privilege to listen to, dialogue with and question such outstanding Catholic thinkers as Wilf Murchland CSC, Frank Morrisey OMI, Andre Guindon OMI, Michael Czerny SJ, Dr. Mary Malone, Christine Schenk CSJ, Dr. Heather Eaton, Michael Morwood (Australia), Paul Hansen CSSR, Dr. Dick Westley, Graham Rossiter CFC (Australia), Mary Boys SNJM, Fr. Dermot Lane (Ireland), Suzanne Belote and Brayton Shanley, Dr. Michael W. Higgins, Ted Schmidt, Michael Warren FSC, Albert Nolan OP (South Africa), Roy Bourgeois MM, John Dear SJ, Paul Lakeland to mention but a few who have presented at our more than 30 conferences?

Forum began as High School Forum just after the death of Blessed Pope Paul VI and has continued to offer professional development and adult faith support during the papacies of John Paul I, Saint Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI and into the papacy of Pope Francis.

ad multos annos

Tina Beattie, Ilia Delio OSF, Teresa Forcades OSB, Gary Macy, Paul Collins, Ivone Gerbara CND, Richard Gaillardetz

The Canadian Forum on Education and Theology